Stefano Severini, Accredited Professor at Kalaidos Music University since 2016

I offer expert piano teaching lessons to meet your goals. I can help refine your piano technical skills and increase your musical knowledge. My methods will target your specific characteristics and needs.

I am a teacher with twenty years of experience, a former guest teacher of conservatories and music schools. My current range of didactics includes piano teaching in person in Vienna, online piano teaching via Zoom, piano coaching for singers, piano collaborator for chamber music and counselling for individuals and organisations, including students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and schools.


I conduct online piano lessons via Zoom

Online piano lessons have proven equally effective as in-person lessons in building the teacher-student relationship and guaranteeing effective learning. These online lessons focus on the relationship between gesture and sound and the foundations of musical practice, such as technical discussion, work analysis, memorisation, performance improvement, and more. Partaking in the online Zoom lessons is also a valuable opportunity for students to constructively evaluate their performative and externalisation capacity in front of a video cam, under direct observation of the instructor.

To whom my Piano Teaching is addressed

My teaching focuses on College, Pre-College, BA, MA, and CAS students. My method targets those who want to improve their skills acquired from previous training, reinforce their technical skills, increase their musical knowledge, and produce a new repertoire. My courses may also interest students transitioning from primary school to the conservatory level or those seeking admission to a college music course.


Masterclass courses last three to five days, with a final concert. They allow students from different backgrounds to compare their newly acquired skills and take stock of their training path. So-called masterclasses are held by platforms where teachers can host their students and provide them with an appropriate learning environment. If you are interested in participating in one of my masterclasses in the future, please fill out and send in the contact form. Please describe your motivations and the time of the year/month you are interested in attending. Thanks to the collaboration of partners and my well-selected network of consolidated institutions in the sector, we ensure that the masterclass is held in each student's most convenient city and time. Your input helps the organisation achieve these goals.


A supportive piano collaborator for singers

I have been a piano collaborator and vocal part coach for Opera and the Lieder program, developing my skills serving singers, choirs, and Opera theatres, as well as piano accompaniment for chamber music in international instrumental soloist competitions in Italy and Switzerland and master’s degree courses in numerous Conservatoires.

I provide music coaching and repetiteur in Vienna for Italian and German Opera and Lieder Repertoire. My current range of activities includes piano collaboration for vocal masterclasses and festivals. I offer expert piano accompaniment to meet your goals and produce a repertoire of your choice. I can help you refine your musical performance and reinforce your knowledge of the musical program. Furthermore, I can support those looking to perform an Italian Opera by helping them understand its compositional and dramaturgical aspects.


What does a consultation session with me entail?

I know what it takes to be successful in the study of music, the preparation of a programme, the organisation of a concert and will support you in your endeavour; together, we will determine the right approach to your new course of study. We will develop a focused educational plan, which includes staying within your budget and maximising your return on investment. I will support you through educational counselling and provide detailed information about piano and music schools, types of training, and assessments. I will help you choose a suitable piano course and develop an appropriate study plan within this framework. We accomplish this by strategically building a mindset that encourages and improves long-term learning and productivity.

This is how we work

We will have a consultation session via Zoom or Skype and evaluate your goals and needs. In doing so, we highlight what works now and what does not. First, we define your goals; then, we discuss how you can realise your goal of learning music or piano and identify successful implementation priorities. I work with various musicians, vocal and instrumental professors, and experts from my network throughout this process to determine a suitable approach for your specific case.

What do you receive from this consultation?

After the consultation, I will provide you with a detailed action plan, a transparent list of achievable key steps to move you forward, and a set of clear priorities to achieve your goals.

  • Consultations are 40 minutes and delivered via Zoom.
I believe that learning matters and no question is silly, so please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Please be detailed so I can better meet your needs and prioritise your request. I will gladly discuss the possibilities and synergies arising from the consultation session.


I am based in Vienna and am proud to host my students in this vibrant musical capital. I especially want to thank the MusikQuartier Wien for hosting our piano lessons and rehearsals in their magnificent music rooms. In addition, we perform masterclasses and final concerts in the Ehrbar-Saal, a music-historical concert hall built in the eighteenth century.

Lessons attendance

  • Choose between a class at your convenience or a subscription package with nine lessons. (I recommend weekly or bi-weekly lessons. In addition, I recommend a two-hour lesson for more advanced students).
  • You can select if to attend the piano classes in person at the Vienna MusikQuartier or online with Zoom; you can then select your payment method.


  • Fees vary according to different aspects such as personal needs, geographical area, country average rate, level of study.
  • The first trial lesson is discounted by 50%.
  • The subscription package includes nine lessons, each discounted by 40%.
  • Coupon discounts are only available for packages of six or more lessons or the first trial lesson.
  • You will receive a quote based on the conditions of the course, such as the duration and location you wish to study, online lessons or coaching, consultation.

Exams for private students

Please contact the student's office and secretariat of Kalaidos Music University for inquiries related to my courses and applications for BA, MA, CAS exams, and admission exams.


  1. Fill out the - apply now - form and choose the type and number of classes.
  2. If your application is approved, you get the latest available calendar and you can book your lesson.
  3. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email, contact info, and real-time updates. For online classes, you will receive an automatic invitation link in Zoom via email.

CONDITIONS, REFUND, AND CANCELLATION POLICY: by applying for the booking and paying the fee, the applicant acknowledges that they understand and accept the information, conditions, refund, and cancellation policy on the F.A.Q. page.


F. A. Q.


May I request a trial lesson? Yes, of course. A trial lesson is a great opportunity to meet your teacher and get to know the teaching method. A trial lesson is free of charge.

Can I cancel a lesson and reschedule without forfeiting my payment? Yes, it is possible to do so, as long as the cancellation/postponement is requested at least 24 hours in advance.

If a lesson is cancelled by the teacher, will it be rescheduled? Yes, any lesson cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled for the next possible date or held after the completion of all other scheduled lessons.

Can I purchase a single lesson or a subscription for several lessons? Both options are possible. In the case of a subscription, the number and frequency of lessons will be arranged according to individual needs.

For what periods of time are subscriptions for piano lessons available? All aspects of a subscription are agreed in advance, including the time period, the number of lessons and the scheduled dates.

Can I cancel a piano lessons subscription and receive a refund? Yes, you may cancel an existing subscription even after you have started taking lessons. The price for the lessons not yet started will be refunded to you.

What is the hourly rate? You will receive a quote based on the teaching conditions such as duration and location (online lessons or lessons at a location of your choice).

What are the usual waiting times for a first appointment? Depending on the time of year and present capacity, the waiting time for a first appointment may vary between one and four weeks.

Is payment by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal possible? Yes, these payment methods are accepted.

Will I receive an invoice? Yes, upon request, an invoice will be issued and posted for each payment made.

Are there automatic or mandatory renewals of the contracts? No, there are not. The decision to extend an existing agreement is up to you.

How will my data be used and how will it be protected? Your data is protected in accordance with the latest version of the GDPR and stored with hosting security protocols. Please see the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions further at the bottom of this website.