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The following requests may not be answered, deleted or marked as spam

Generic conversations where the subject matter is not specified, and generic proposals without established prerequisites and proven results. Please understand and respect that if you do not specify for what purpose you are contacting me or sending me links or attachments, I will delete your request. If your message is not personalised, but appears to be a generic copy sent to many recipients, it will be marked as spam and blocked.

Contact Informations

To ensure that you receive a reply, please be as brief and specific as possible in your request. Kindly include all relevant information about your proposal or project. Please note that until we have reached a commercial agreement, I will not offer support, advice, or assistance.

If you have inquiry

  • Inquiries for collaborations: If you are interested in a collaboration, I will consider your proposal if you have conceptualised your project idea, budget, an action plan. Discussing a transparent and structured proposal will allow us to direct our time and energy efficiently. Based on your foundation for the project, we can discuss and define the endless possibilities and synergies that can arise from our cooperation.
  • Inquiries for piano lessons: Please fill out an introduction about you for a better overview and see how I can better meet your needs, getting priority in your request. I will be glad discuss the possibilities and synergies that may arise from the piano lessons.
  • Zoom or Skype: I maintain Zoom or Skype connections for everything concerning my work meetings, teaching, and counselling.

Web connections

  • Post and Promo Materials: I post my content to YouTube, Vimeo. I send out my promotional materials, CVs, and references by post.
  • On LinkedIn: I accept connections from anyone on LinkedIn. However, if I do not receive a meaningful message after accepting a request, I will remove a new connection. Please respect that for me, a connection does not serve to silently monitor each other, but should be established as the foundation for a collaboration or cooperation.

All content on this site is written by me.


The brands and companies I address are invaluable. I am honoured to receive advice and support from my partners and collaborators every step of the way. Thank you all. You have my endless gratitude.


I am fortunate to have a selected team of professional specialists to rely on. Not only for the IT implementation and security of this website, but also for the maintenance and customisation of the content (e.g. proofreading, searching for sources), as well as for the research, action plans, and business strategies that I present in my consultations.


Would you like to contribute or collaborate? I am always interested in collaborations for my music projects and I am open to your suggestions. Feel invited to send me a message.